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distriqt is a digital consultancy, providing development and technology services for modern businesses.

About us

Starting out as friends in Queensland over 25 years ago, Michael and Shane have been working together and operating distriqt since 2008. With a shared passion for computers and software, we joined forces to form an excellent team, and have been providing software development services for hundreds of clients for over 13 years.

shane korin

Michael Archbold

Michael is a software developer with a passion for maths, physics and technology. He has over 25 years of extensive experience in software development, web and mobile applications, GPS solutions and embedded systems.

With a wealth of knowledge in many areas of IT, Michael specialises heavily in mobile and desktop platform solutions for many different operating systems and platforms.

shane korin

Shane Korin

Shane has been working in multiple software and games industries for over 20 years. With extensive experience in web development, mobile and software applications and e-learning, to game programming and UI development.

Currently, Shane specialises mostly in front-end and UI engineering for the modern web, as well as mobile and full-stack development. His main focus is React and Node, while leading front-end teams and designing solutions for sophisticated digital challenges.