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BBDO San Francisco approached us to develop their new agency website in 2014. Their vision for the site gave us an interesting, challenging task to build a responsive, dynamic grid-based site to display a range of content for their work, people and cultural online presence.


BBDOSF Homepage

The site displays BBDOSF's recent work, profiles of their people and management team, plus a range of dynamic cultural content which is driven by Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and selected RSS feeds. The result is a beautiful, interesting and interactive experience for users.

BBDOSF on mobile

Responsive design was a huge part of the project, and we're really happy with the result. The fluid, dynamic grid system responds to any screen size and arranges content accordingly.

The intuitive interaction and navigation system works well across all devices and feels great to use.

When viewing details of an item the grid responds dynamically and expands internally to open up and display the content inline between the grid. We also implemented a "pull to close" style interaction so users can continue scrolling in order to close the expanded content and seamlessly move back into the content grid.

This was one of the most challenging aspects of development - to make this functionality feasible and user-friendly was an interesting part of the build, and required some fine-grained control of different devices and browser event handling.

BBDOSF on iPad

The front-end of the site was built using a mix of some great Javascript libraries, including AngularJS, jQuery and Packery (a grid library based on Masonry). A mixture of responsive CSS techniques and utilities to handle the layout and resizing functionality.

The back-end runs on Ruby on Rails API and a custom CMS developed for the site. The platform sits on Rackspace and uses Rackspace Cloud Files for CDN-enabled asset serving.

We loved working with the talented people at BBDOSF, and thoroughly enjoyed the development process and technical challenges it presented for us to solve!




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