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360 degree interactive video experience


Interactive 360 degree video experience

An immersive interactive experience using 360 degree video technology to take users to the heart of Sydney's Lunar New Year Parade.


China to Australia Main

We worked with SBS and design studio 21-19 to develop this fully interactive web experience to showcase the Sydney Lunar New Year Parade. We developed a customised video player to utilise 360 degree video footage which was recorded by SBS and Immersive Media during the parade.

The player allows users to rotate the camera in any direction during the video footage to explore the parade in a first-person view - a really fun and interactive experience.

China to Australia Parade

The site also features video content documenting the stories of several Chinese Australians, where they come from and their lives in Australia. Users can also find the twelve Chinese zodiac symbols during the parade and interact with the 3D elements to read about each zodiac and its meaning.

The addition of animated, floating 3D elements which follow the path of the dragon gives another level of interaction to the experience and presented an interesting challenge to the development process.

We built a custom 3D timeline animation editor to allow us to create these elements and develop the animations for the floating elements.

Custom scene editor application

We developed the front-end website using Flash (yeah, Flash!) and the Away3D engine, and used Adobe AIR to create the custom editor desktop application. For the 360 degree video player we developed a customised version of the Immersive Media Flash component to add additional capabilities to support the interactive elements we were creating.



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