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Melbourne-based startup Envelope is a modern take on the traditional wedding registry. It takes the awkwardness out of asking for money by allowing a couple to create a beautiful online registry and choose the items or experiences they want to receive.

Visit: enveloperegistry.com

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We were engaged by Envelope to develop the entire platform from the ground-up. In a short timeframe we built the tech stack, and created a server-side system, CMS and front-end website to get Envelope up and running quickly.

Envelope’s initial launch proved successful and within a few months we've extended the platform to allow the company to launch internationally across North America, Europe and the UK.

Thanks to the Envelope design team's vision and style, we've delivered a great looking, modern and clean site which looks fantastic and most importantly feels nice to use.

The fully responsive layout gives users a pleasant and intuitive experience which makes the gift-giving process a joy for the wedding couple and their guests.

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The platform is built on Ruby on Rails which runs a powerful CMS and provides an API for the dynamic AngularJS front-end site. Payment processing is handled through Stripe (which is fantastic), and we utilise Amazon S3 for media hosting.

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Envelope has also been invited to become a beta partner with US-based startup Bond, which is an amazing new service for creating authentic, hand-written cards. Our platform will allow couples to quickly and easily generate and post beautiful thank-you cards to their guests at the click of a button.



We’re based in Australia with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

General enquiries // info@distriqt.com

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