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Native extensions to enhance the capabilities of your mobile applications

We've developed a number of Adobe AIR Native Extensions for use with iOS and Android mobile platforms. These extensions enhance the power of Adobe AIR on mobile devices, giving developers access to low-level device OS features which are not available through the standard AIR framework.

We currently have the largest range of commercially available native extensions for iOS and Android on the market, and we're always expanding the collection. Follow the link below to check out what's available.

We've built over 30 extensions, most of which are compatible for both iOS and Android through a single Actionscript API. This includes, just to name a few:

What is a native extension?

An AIR Native Extension (ANE) is a package of code that provides access to features beyond the standard Adobe AIR runtime. The AIR SDK makes certain features of the device available to Actionscript, including rendering, sound and touch interactions. But there are many native and low-level features and libraries that are unavailable to the regular AIR framework.

"Native extensions provide easy access to device-specific libraries and features that are not available in the built-in ActionScript classes."

What is a native extension

A Native Extension allows native code (Objective-C and Java) to be packaged along with your Actionscript application to extend AIR's regular capabilities. The code in the extension can talk directly to native components on the device and provide an Actionscript API to access these components from your application.


Do you need a native extension created for a specific purpose or project?

We provide complete development solutions for AIR native extensions on iOS and Android. We've developed many custom extensions for developers and clients around the world. If you need an ANE, or simply have a question, get in touch by emailing us at and let us know what you need!



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